Webinar | 2018 CNP Fraud Operations Study Results

Often, fraud departments are flying blind regarding the most efficient ways to assemble their teams, conduct their operations and evaluate solutions. Join Card Not Present Editor-in-Chief DJ Murphy, Editor-at-Large Karisse Hendrick and Sam Garwood, Fraud Consultant for RISK IDENT, as they detail results of a new survey that asked fraud professionals to shed some light on the processes and tools digital merchants use to combat fraud. 

You'll learn:

  • How merchants of different sizes and in different verticals compose their teams and KPIs they use to measure success
  • Typical organizational structures and how they affect teams
  • The mix of fraud prevention tools and manual review processes found across the industry



  • Sam Garwood | Fraud Consultant, Risk Ident
  • DJ Murphy | Editor-in-Chief, Card Not Present
  • Karisse Hendrick | Editor-at-Large, Card Not Present


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