Bot and ATO Attacks: How They're Related and What You Can Do


There are faceless armies of robots arrayed against you. They are legion, they are tireless and, if they overwhelm your defenses, they can be lethal—to your business. Bots are not the minions of an evil super-intelligence in a science fiction film bent on dominion over mankind. They are simply tools that can be used by anyone who picks them up. And, the people picking them up these days often are criminals employing them to take over or create online accounts.

And, while account takeover (ATO) fraud used to concern mainly bankers and insurance companies, the range of online accounts being illegally accessed and monetized is exploding with over 72% growth in ATO fraud losses from 2018 to 2019, and it's only getting worse. 

In this paper you’ll learn:

  • How fraudsters use bots to gain access to multiple online accounts
  • How bad actors use bots to automate malicious login processes
  • The most effective place to attack bots to head them off
  • How to spot recurring patterns bots use to steal from e-commerce businesses

Download the white paper now for the insights you need to avoid becoming a victim.