A Guide to Solutions & Providers for Merchants | Updated September 2019

CNP fraud and payments has always been complex. In an age of constant data breaches, rising fraud, and consumers demanding seamless, convenient shopping experiences on any device, the universe of companies providing solutions for these business problems is exploding.

Merchants with limited time don't always have the resources to find the providers who best meet their digital fraud prevention and payments facilitation needs. That's where we come in... Get our FREE CNP Buyer's Guide to learn which solution providers can help you navigate the e-commerce and m-commerce payments and fraud ecosystems.


  • Cover-Buyers-Guide-Cover-10123-D Secure/Consumer Authentication
  • Chargeback Management
  • Data Security Services
  • Device Identification and Behavioral Biometrics
  • Fraud Case Management Tools
  • Identity Documentation Authentication
  • International Payment Processing/PSPs
  • Logistics and/or Call Center Support
  • Managed Fraud Services
  • Mobile Payment Facilitation
  • Mobile Specific Fraud Prevention
  • Online and Mobile Payment Gateways
  • Payment Processing
  • PCI Compliance Services & QSRs
  • Personal Identifications Verification
  • Physical Biometrics

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