Merchant-Guide-Chargebacks-CoverChargeback Best Practices | 3 Tactics to Win

Chargebacks continue to be a true measure of a merchants' health and ability to prevent fraud. ATOs, friendly fraud, CNP fraud, loyalty fraud... they all end up as chargebacks.

Our team took a deep dive into chargebacks during our CNP inFocus seriesincluding surfaced content, a merchant-only Zoom collaboration call and a dedicated education session/webinar. This guide is a culmination of NEW STEPS and BEST PRACTICES merchants should follow to prevent chargebacks and help regain lost revenue.

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  • Three key tactics to prevent and fight chargebacks 
  • The importance of organizing, analyzing and understanding your data
  • How to take a multi-layered approach to know where you stand
  • How to head-off the call to the bank by utilizing proactive communication tools
  • Where your merchant support structure can lighten the load

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