Evolving Account Security for the Passwordless Future

Cover_Sift_WP_CNP_Evolving Account Security

Account takeover (ATO) has been a significant challenge for e-commerce merchants for nearly a decade. Customer accounts storing payment credentials made the buying process much more convenient for consumers, but it also made them vulnerable if those trusted accounts were co-opted by bad actors. And since the pandemic, a steadily growing problem became an explosive one—ATO rose more than 300% between 2019 and 2021.

A new e-book from Sift and Card Not Present details how data breaches, social engineering, automated attacks and poor password hygiene by users have combined to make ATO perhaps the most pernicious fraud problem merchants face. It also details the technologies and strategies that can provide merchants with the best way to defend their biggest challenge.

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  • Why ATO increased so much, so fast
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  • Technologies that will bridge the gap to a passwordless future