CNP inFocus: AI & Machine Learning in Fraud Prevention

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It's a new year and to start it off, we'll be diving deep into the latest tactics and strategies merchants will need to learn and utilize to be successful fighting e-commerce fraud, mitigating risk and facilitating payments in 2022 and beyond...

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What is CNP inFocus? Each month, our editorial team puts together a week of curated content around a specific issue e-commerce merchants face every day and present their findings in a number of different formats including feature articles, merchant guides & how-to lists, a live webinar and a merchant-only zoom call to collaborate with other merchants.

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“Thank you for hosting such an amazing event. I learned a lot from it, and it was so nice to meet everyone that participated!” - Founderhow fraud departments can work to change the perception of their efforts to protect their company as aligned with customer experience and growth objectives. of TagHawk, Inc.