Virtual Merchant-Only Meet-Ups

Our Merchant-Only Meet-Ups as part of the CNP Virtual Summit Series have concluded, however we will be scheduling a monthly call as part of our ongoing content offerings. If you are interested, just fill out the form on this page and we will make sure you are notified when the next call is scheduled.

These meet-ups are designed to allow our merchants to experience the collaborative spirit of our CNP Summit "Fireside Chats" in a virtual format. All participants are rigorously vetted to ensure that only merchants are present. This will enable merchants to feel secure expressing their specific challenges and–most importantly–gain actionable insights from other merchants who have tackled similar issues. This is truly some of the best CNP Summit has to offer; a place where merchants can learn what really works, what doesn't, and what threats are emerging right now and in the months ahead.

NOTE: We will be planning monthly merchant-only calls in the coming weeks. Please fill out the form to be notified when the call is scheduled.

Merchant on a Conference CallThe individual topics will cover:

  • User-Generated Content Abuse
    • fake reviews
    • inappropriate postings
    • cyber-bullying, etc.
  • Payment Acceptance & Optimization
  • Women in CNP Fraud & Payments
  • Chargeback Strategy & Management
  • Digital Goods Merchant Fraud Issues
  • Physical Goods Merchant Fraud Issues

*Please Note: Media will not be permitted to participate in the Virtual Merchant-Only Meet-Ups, in order to maintain confidentiality and security in these conversations.