According to online fraud pioneer Brett 'Gollumfun' Johnson, "A complete identity profile of a specific victim is sold on cybercrime forums and DarkNet marketplaces every day for as low as $10."

Due to large scale data compromises, fraudsters have easier-than-ever access to customer identities. But there's one key piece that fraudsters need to successfully commit synthetic ID fraud: an email address.

Join Mike Ngan, Analytics Manager, Head of Fraud Analytics at Enova International, Amador Testa, CPO at Emailage and DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief at Card Not Present as they break down how to fight back against this clear and present threat.

You'll learn:

  • Why Synthetic ID Fraud is the new go to for fraudsters
  • How network intelligence can help identify and halt suspicious patterns
  • What a sophisticated approach to predicting and assessing synthetic ID fraud risk entails
  • Why the email address is critical for fraudsters committing synthetic ID fraud


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