The concept of creating “a layered approach” to fraud fighting is often suggested and discussed by experts, but what does it look like in practice? And what layers are appropriate for what kinds of businesses? In this webinar, we’ll learn from experts that have built abuse teams and organizations at companies like Poshmark, Facebook, OpenTable and Square on how they approach risk, fraud, trust and safety.

You'll learn:

  • The different layers available and how they work together to reduce fraud and false positives
  • How to create a balance between too many layers (resulting in too many false positives and a negative user experience) and not enough layers (resulting in missed fraud and a hit to your bottom line)
  • How machine learning and rules can work in tandem  to create a more robust risk system


Speaker-Kevin-Lee-Sift-ScienceKevin Lee, Trust and Safety Architect at Sift Science

Kevin Lee is driven by building high performing teams and systems to combat malicious behavior. He has worked for the last 10+ years around developing strategies, tools and teams responsible for billions of users and dollars of revenue. Prior to Sift Science, Kevin worked as a manager at Facebook, Square and Google where he lead various risk, chargeback, spam and trust and safety organizations.


Speaker-Robbie-Fritts-PoshmarkRobbie Fritts, Director, Fraud & Payments at Poshmark

Robbie Fritts has 9 years of experience leading fraud and payment functions for technology companies. Robbie currently leads fraud and payments for Poshmark, the largest social marketplace for fashion where anyone can buy, sell and share their personal style with others. Robbie is responsible for defining fraud/payment strategy, driving fraud/payment product, and leading an operational team.


Speaker-DJ-Murphy-CNPDJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, Card Not Present®

As editor-in-chief of Card Not Present, DJ Murphy has day-to-day control of the editorial content on the Website and serves as the publication’s main reporter and writer. He brings more than 15 years of media and corporate experience to the company.



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