Mindset and Measurement: The Keys to Attacking Your False-Positive Problem


“No.” It’s a tough word to hear. Especially for online consumers. They searched for an item, found exactly what they wanted on your site, entered their card number, and then? Denied. Their credit is good and they’ve always paid their bills on time. Confusion gives way to frustration and perhaps even anger. Why? You’ve unjustly accused them of stealing—you’ve insulted them.

The anger your insult caused usually doesn’t last long, though—just long enough for them to navigate over to your competitor’s site and successfully make their purchase. If you’re lucky, you lost just that sale. But it’s likely you’ve permanently lost a customer. 

Get this white paper to learn:

  • How to get an accurate picture of exactly how many false-positives your current fraud prevention system yields
  • How transitioning from a “fraud department” to a corporate structure that includes a “trust and safety department" will help your business
  • How Covid-19 has made it more difficult to recognize what is fraud and what is a customer insult
  • How to arm fraud professionals with a very powerful metric to tell their story within companies, which don’t often understand or value what they do

Get this white paper to learn how to get a handle on your insult rate.