Fraud-as-a-Service: Refunding Fraud, Merchants’ New Nightmare

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The bad dream of malicious friendly fraud has morphed into a new nightmare: refunding fraud. Picture this, a professional fraudster advertises to consumers to help them steal from merchants like you—without the uncomfortable work of calling customer service and lying to your representatives—all for a percentage fee. We are now in the age of the industrialization of friendly fraud, fraud-as-a-service.

These bad actors have researched your refunding policies and know every minute detail. They just need a willing accomplice to place the order. You refund the payment, the accomplice gets your product for free and pays a small fee to the fraudster for doing the legwork. And, they can accomplish this theft quickly and repeat the process over and over again without detection.

You will learn:

  • How this new tactic has turned friendly fraud from an individual choice to a profession
  • How professional refunders use social engineering to hack your customer service representatives
  • How fraudsters are using your own refunding policies against you
  • How to identify repeat offenders and root-out refunding fraud from legitimate refunds


  • Chase Park, Founder, Whisper Defense
  • Karisse Hendrick, Founder & Pricipal, Chargelytics Consulting
  • DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, CardNotPresent

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