COVID-19: The Chargeback Effect

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The COVID-19 crisis has driven consumers to eCommerce in unprecedented numbers—and businesses are struggling with a whole new set of challenges: broken supply lines, order cancellations, inconsistent delivery, and more. Perhaps worst of all, businesses experiencing fewer transactions as well as those seeing record growth are reporting a huge spike in chargebacks.

Chargeback management has never been more important; the time to start planning for post-pandemic recovery is now.  In this seventh education session for the CNP Virtual Summit Series, our experts will offer experienced-based advice and insider expertise on ways merchants can maximize revenue recovery while working to prevent chargebacks in the future.

You will learn:

  • Why even successful businesses are seeing a surge in chargebacks
  • How beefing up customer service efforts can mitigate chargeback risk
  • Maximizing revenue recovery through strategic representment

Virtual Summit Series Education Session 7 Chargeback911 052020 Speakers


  • Don Bush, VP Partner Engagement, Chargebacks911
  • Harlan Hutson, Director of Brand Strategy, Chargebacks911
  • DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief at Card Not Present