11 cities. 5 countries. Dozens of industry experts. All condensed into 4 hours of live streaming.
Criminal fraudsters continue to make headlines as new data breaches occur and millions of stolen credit cards and private data hit the dark web. Meanwhile, payment systems evolve with new technology to adapt to consumer spending habits. This virtual event features industry experts covering multiple topics related to online fraud, global ecommerce, mobile checkout, and changes in the payment landscape.

Darlene Jewell, Relationship Manager, Ethoca
Walking the Transaction Tightrope

Michael Misasi, Product Manager, BlueSnap
Why You Need APIs and BI to Sell More Online

DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, CardNotPresent.com
The Promise of E-Commerce: A World Without Borders

Don Bush, VP of Marketing, Kount
What Are Fraudsters Up to and How to Stop Them

Dave Senci, Director, Product Development and Innovation, Mastercard
Leveraging BIN Data to Optimize Authorization and Mitigate the Risks of Fraud

Sam Hartung, Risk Partnership Manager, Whitepages Pro
The Multi-Layered Identity Verification Ecosystem

Nate Foss, Director of Market Development, Chargebacks911
Why Can't We Be Friends: Chargeback Fraud is Anything but Friendly

Melayna Gabiou, Senior Marketing Manager, Kount