Account Takeover Attacks: How to Protect your Reputation and Revenue

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Customer accounts are an integral tool to help eCommerce merchants foster customer loyalty. But when login credentials are compromised, they present a unique opportunity for fraudsters to commit CNP fraud, and steal customer PII. Almost unheard of a few years ago, Account Takeover (ATO) attacks resulted in over $11 billion in losses in 2018.

The fallout from ATO attacks doesn’t stop with chargebacks. These attacks can damage a merchant’s reputation - since customers tend to blame the store for failing to guard their data. And these unhappy customers take to social media to share their bad experiences. In this webinar, Riskified will show how artificial intelligence can be used to detect fraudulent account events, to protect customer accounts.

You will learn:

  • The scope of the account takeover (ATO) problem, both in terms of chargebacks and damage to brand reputation
  • How ATOs happen, including credential stuffing, and specific techniques fraudsters use to avoid detection
  • Tips for detecting and stopping login attempts from bad actors before customer PII is compromised
  • Best practices for verifying customer identities without causing unnecessary friction

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  • Ephraim Rinsky - Product Marketing Manager at Riskified
  • Dor Zipori - Product Manager at Riskified
  • DJ Murphy - Editor-in-Chief at CardNotPresent