Attack CNP Fraud & Chargebacks with Blockchain Payments

Microsoft, Dish Networks, Avnet, Overstock, and NewEgg are all accepting Bitcoin. Should you? Is Bitcoin really cheaper than a credit card and are there really no chargebacks?

Chargebacks and credit card fraud pose unique challenges for online businesses. Malicious actors using stolen data can appear as legitimate customers with legitimate card information making it easy to defraud businesses and financial institutions. And, because online card purchases are pull payments, it is difficult to make sure the owner of the funds authorized the transaction.

If payments that rely solely on information and operate as pull transactions are the problem, then a digital push payment that relied on something your customer uniquely had access to would be a great solution. These payments exist and they rely on cryptographically secured blockchains.

Join Sonny Singh, Chief Commercial Officer at Bitpay and DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief at CNP on July 16th to learn how pervasive identity theft is, how costly fraud is and how blockchain payments are a solution.


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  • Doug Sterk, CFO at APMEX, Inc.
  • Sonny Singh, Chief Commercial Officer at Bitpay
  • DJ Murphy, DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief at Card Not Present