Dealing with the post holiday chargeback rush 

Congrats! You’ve successfully weathered another holiday season. It was hard, but you launched a great marketing campaign, had strong sales, and are “in the black.” You’re sitting pretty and you’re done with the mountains of work from the past few weeks.

Then… you get your first chargeback of the new year. It turns out that $300 order that you shipped overnight may not have been really placed by the legit credit card holder. What are you going to do about this unexpected piece of coal—along with all the others?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Real examples of how Square streamlined both chargeback and risk management
  • How to leverage automation to turn your chargebacks into a revenue opportunity
  • How to prevent fraud on your platform to cut down on chargebacks
  • How visibility into your risk decisions and order details can help expedite chargeback representment


Speaker-Jimmy-WestlakeJimmy Westlake: Jimmy is out-of-the-box thinker who thrives when problem solving and creating tailored solutions. For the last seven years he has worked at Square, four of which he spent on the Risk team, where he worked cross-functionally to develop fraud controls, designing internal tools and launching new markets. Most recently he has worked in Compliance, building out and managing the Governance team, which overseas the foundational elements of Square's AML program including Board reporting, risk assessments, company-wide trainings and audits.



 Speaker-Kevin-LeeKevin Lee: Kevin is driven by building high performing teams and systems to combat malicious behavior. He has worked for the last 10+ years around developing strategies, tools and teams responsible for billions of users and dollars of revenue. Prior to Sift Science, Kevin worked as a manager at Facebook, Square and Google where he lead various risk, chargeback, collections, spam and trust and safety organizations.




 Speaker-Jeff-SakasegawaJeff Sakasegawa: Jeff Sakasegawa is a Trust and Safety Architect for Sift Science. He has spent over ten years fighting fraud for Google, Facebook, and Square. In addition, his last two years at Square were spent managing teams covering BSA/AML reviews, quality assurance, identify verification, and host of other compliance related matters. He has a passion for cross functional and scalable solutions that delight as opposed to simply deliver.



e31be549-c98c-48e9-9b95-51bdbd4f4701-company_logo-Speaker-DJ-Murphy-CNPDJ Murphy: As editor-in-chief of Card Not Present, D.J. Murphy has day-to-day control of the editorial content on CNP websites and serves as the publication’s main reporter and writer. He brings more than 15 years of media and corporate experience to the company. Prior to Card Not Present®, Murphy served as Associate Editor for Paybefore—a family of primarily electronic publications focused on the prepaid card industry—where he wrote, edited and produced its most-read publication, Paybefore News and created its non-U.S. counterpart Paybefore News International. He also contributed heavily to Paybefore’s other publications: Paybefore Update, Paybefore Magazine and Paybefore Legal.


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