Chargeback Lessons Learned from a Pandemic: Five Strategies for the Fourth Quarter

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Chargebacks soared during the pandemic. Covid-19 put the entire online community through a stress test and taught merchants valuable lessons they can apply to prepare for the surge in transactions—and the fraud and chargebacks—coming this holiday season. Seven months of drastic disruption has shown that protecting revenue requires a comprehensive strategy addressing chargeback management, fraud prevention and reducing false positives.

CNP inFocus LogoYou will learn:

  • Five quick checks to reduce merchant-caused chargebacks
  • Why customer service has 2 minutes to prevent a chargeback
  • How to create a “prevent & recovery” plan
  • Making every transaction count, reducing false positives
  • New fraud requires new tools
  • Protecting revenue through a complete chargeback strategy


  • Sondra Feinberg, Global Workload Lead, Fraud at Microsoft
  • Don Bush, VP Sales & Marketing at Chargebacks911
  • DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief at CardNotPresent

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