Cross-Border Authorization Rates: The Key to Increased Revenue

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To achieve cross-border success, you must do the groundwork to get there – and that starts with improved authorization rates. Consider this scenario: If an e-commerce store sells $200 million worth of goods and 25% of its sales are considered cross-border, then $50 million of that revenue is subject to the cross-border interchange fee, meaning they are paying, on average, up to $500,000 in fees that can be avoided using a few strategies.

Global e-commerce sales are forecasted to reach over $6.39 trillion USD by 2023. Whether you’re just getting started or already selling globally, join us for insights that should entice you as much as that dollar amount. Join Khushbu Shah, Senior Treasury Manager at Arbonne, Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap and our editor-in-chief, DJ Murphy as they discuss how to maximize cross-border sales.

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You will learn:

  • What is technical debt and this hidden cost to businesses
  • The benefits of processing global payments as if they are local
  • How intelligent payment routing can reduce your declines
  • Which banking relationships are vital to reducing interchange fees
  • How to increase sales while reducing costs


  • Khushbu Shah, CFA, Arbonne
  • Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO, BlueSnap
  • DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, Card Not Present

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