CNP inFocus Webinar | Friction ≠ Security: How AI & Machine Learning Can Increase Top-Line Revenue While Reducing Bottom-Line Fraud Loss

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AI & Machine Learning have transformed fraud prevention. Merchants are finding that simple rules-based fraud prevention is just not enough to find and root out fraudsters newest and most-innovative tactics. Attend next week’s CNP inFocus [AI & Machine Learning in Fraud Prevention] to find out how AI and machine learning can:

  • Unify & streamline the digital experience for your legitimate customers
  • Increase top-line revenue while decreasing unnecessary friction
  • Engage multi-factor authentication (MFA) for only your suspicious orders
  • Expose and remove the vulnerabilities of your siloed defenses
  • Align your security, fraud, marketing and customer experience goals
  • Protect your company from the newest automated attacks


  • Partha Sarathy, Global Fraud Architect, F5
  • Yiing Chau Mak, Director of Data Science, Shape Security
  • DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, Card Not Present

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