True Cost of Fraud™ Study: How Accelerated Digital Migration is Affecting Fraud Prevention and the Customer Experience

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As COVID-19 continues, merchants lacking a digital-first customer experience are being left behind. But, as companies rush to meet the expectations of their customers, they could be making decisions that negatively impact fraud. Balancing customer experience and fraud prevention has always been challenging. Join our webinar to hear recommendations for effectively fighting fraud while reducing the associated costs and ensuringan exceptional customer experience based on data insights from the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions 2020 True Cost of Fraud™ Study: E-Commerce/Retail edition.

You will learn: 

  • Data insights into digital migration challenges
  • Finding balance in the digital-first customer experience
  • How the pandemic has accelerated digital migration
  • Recommendations for preventing fraud while reducing costs


  • Christopher Schnieper, Director, Fraud & Identity Market Planning, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  • DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, CardNotPresent

CNP inFocus Webinar 072920 True Cost of Fraud LexisNexis Risk Solutions Speakers


Chris Schnieper is a Director of Market Planning in the Fraud & Identity area. He focuses on working across a variety of different industries from small companies to large multi-national organizations on strategic fraud challenges and authentication needs.


Chris has over 20+ years working in the payments and risk space across strategy, product and technology roles. Prior to joining LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Chris has help positions with organizations such as Bank of America, Accenture, Early Warning Services and American Express.


Research Interest:

  • Customer interaction and fraud techniques
  • Emerging authentication models
  • Impact of fraud on individuals and organizations


Chris holds a Bachelor degree from Albright College and MBA in Accounting and Technology from St Joseph’s University.