Looking Beyond Your Bottom Line: Take Control of False-Positives to Drive Growth

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The mandate for fraud prevention teams in the age of the customer is evolving. While mitigating chargebacks and other fraud remains the core, 75% say delivering frictionless experiences is also a top priority. Unfortunately, most trust & safety leaders say that their existing solutions block good users—and just 30% say they know how many. The reality is that without adapting your approaches and tools, it can be impossible to measure your false-positive rate and how much revenue you’re leaving on the table.

CNP inFocus LogoYou will learn:

  • The value of knowing your false-positive rate and how you can accurately collect that data
  • Why a proactive approach to fraud prevention is key to improving accuracy and reducing your false-positive rate
  • How focusing on digital trust and safety rather than just stopping fraud allows you to safely unlock the frictionless customer experiences that drive growth and strengthen your brand.


  • Jane Lee - Trust & Safety Architect at Sift
  • James Volz - Product Marketing at Sift
  • DJ Murphy - Editor-in-Chief at CardNotPresent

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Jane Lee is a Trust and Safety Architect at Sift, who specializes in malicious websites, spam, misinformation, account/content abuse, chargebacks, and payments risk. Prior to joining Sift, she was on teams at Facebook and Square, and also spent some time as a Private Investigator. She is passionate about designing and operationalizing systems for detection and enforcement of fraud at scale.

As a product marketer at Sift, James Volz is focused on bringing products to market that promote digital trust and safety—giving companies an edge on fraudsters and competitors. Prior to joining Sift, James did product marketing in the sales enablement software space.