Optimizing Your Data to Give a 360 Customer View and Manage Risk

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 at 2 PM CEST | 8AM PT

As a result of the global pandemic, many eCommerce merchants have enjoyed rapid growth online. But, it has come at a price. The departments responsible for account sign-up (marketing), account login (security) and checkout (payment/fraud) have become siloed due to operational inefficiencies when scaling for digital.

EMEA merchants must have a full 360 view of their digital customers at each step in the customer journey, making operational efficiency critical to tomorrow's success. But the various teams have different goals and KPI’s and use different tools and data to make decisions, resulting in missed opportunities.

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The biggest challenge is often that these teams don’t talk to one another or are reliant on different data sources. So how do you align your business with the same tools and data to create that omni-channel experience to minimize risk and maximize sales? Find out in our webinar - register now.

Key takeaways include:

  • Gain operational efficiency when scaling for digital with a single source of truth on who your customers are
  • How to align your data internally to gain a 360 view during every stage of the customer journey, while protecting PII data
  • Collaboration across teams to grow sales, tailor the customer journey and optimize the checkout experience to minimize friction with your customers
  • Create an internal fraud omnichannel experience that reflects externally on your customers


  • Catherine Tong (FCA), Payment Expert and Adviser, Allyiz
  • Candice Ren, Data Expert, 173Tech
  • Chris Thomas, Managing Director EMEA, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  • DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, Card Not Present

You will also learn about:

  1. How data is the foundation of strong decision making for marketing, operations, and fraud teams
  2. eComm start-ups are setting the data standard as neo banks did for financial services
  3. Protecting the customer’s data under GDPR
  4. Balancing the accelerating of growth/customer satisfaction and managing risk
  5. The role of authentication in Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  6. How to scale for all size businesses

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