The Chargeback Field Report: Merchant Statistics from 2019

New regulations and initiatives have brought significant changes to the chargeback process and payments in general. To measure the impact of these changes, we polled a representative cross-section of online, multi-channel, and mobile commerce merchants. The Chargeback Field Report provides their perspective on the current state of chargeback management in the card-not-present space. This free webinar will examine the results from our study to see what merchants and processors are experiencing in the current chargeback situation.

You will learn:

  • How VCR and VMPI have impacted the chargeback landscape
  • Whether sweeping changes to chargeback and fraud regulation are affecting acquirers' abilities to provide tools and services to help their merchants
  • What impact—if any—alerts programs have had in decreasing friendly fraud
  • Insights on the major challenges processors and merchants face going forward


  • Shaun Bowen, Project Manager, Worldpay
  • Jarrod Wright, Marketing Director, Chargebacks911
  • DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, CardNotPresent

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