Unwrapping Holiday Fraud: Protect Your Business & Grow Your Revenue

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The holiday season is the most lucrative quarter for e-commerce merchants. While it’s often viewed as one long sales spike, shopping behavior is not always consistent throughout. We identified six key ‘sub-seasons,’ each with its own unique characteristics and fraud trends. Based on our analysis of tens of billions of dollars in holiday orders, this webinar will dive into these sub-seasons—as well as geographies, order channels, product types and more—to give merchants tools to better anticipate customer behavior, better manage risk, and capitalize on the holiday season’s opportunities.

You will learn:

  • The opportunities and challenges merchants face during the holiday season
  • Unique shopping behaviors and fraud trends for different segments of the holiday season
  • Data and tools to empower merchants to enable more cross-border e-commerce
  • Insights on shopping and fraud trends for m-commerce


  • Emilie Grunzweig, Director of Insights, Riskified
  • Hugh Gordon, Content Marketing, Riskified
  • DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, CardNotPresent

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