Verifying identity in a digital economy, where risk is on the rise

Cover Mitek White Paper Identity Verification Brett JohnsonAn ex-cybercriminal’s take on fake-ID use and fraud

The United States Secret Service called him “The Original Internet Godfather.” Why? Thirty-nine felonies, a place on the United States Most Wanted List, one prison escape and the masterminding of the first cybercrime community, ShadowCrew—the precursor to today’s darknet markets. Brett Johnson laid the foundation for the way modern cybercrime groups operate to this day; identity theft, forgery, computer crime, tax return identity theft, credit card fraud, account takeover, money laundering, fake IDs, phishing are the most common crimes. Mitek recently partnered with Johnson for his insider’s take on fraud.

You will learn:

  • How Brett defines the different types of cybercrime
  • How fraudulent identity documents are used to commit these crimes
  • What security methods are no longer effective in mitigating risk
  • What the future may look like for the role of digital identity verification in fraud reduction

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